Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Let Bygones Be Bygones

Salam. Welcome to my blog. My first in my whole life. Perghh, koya gile seh. wakakaka.. Ok, akhirnya aku telah terjebak ke dunia blog akibat terlalu banyak mengintip blog orang lain. Adoi..

By the way, 1st post tu just a lyric of a song that really touch my steel heart. Jiwang ea? Oh no! Ala.. Nak buat camne kan, aku hanya manusia biasa. If robot, maybe takde la feeling miling darling bling2 ni ye tak. Why I choose that song as my 1st post? Nape bukan lagu 3 kupang, 4 kupang atau 5 kupang? Nape bukan lagu international atau intergalaktik atau internet atau inter milan? Why? Why? Why? Why? Ok dah mengarut aku nih..

Actually its because the lyric of the song la. Its really hard to forget a person. Especially if the person is a person who gives so much meaning in your life.. I used to loved her, care for her. And I still have those feelings for her. Too long I've been with her, so many things we've go through together. But still, there's so much wrongs I've done to her. How I wish I could turn back time so that she can realize that I never meant to hurt her. I'm so sorry and I understand why u made this choice..

Wise man says, let bygones be bygones. Yang lepas biarlah lepas kan. Ungkapan yang mudah di bibir tapi sangatla susah di hati. Apapun Alhamdulillah, I've made it through. Thanks Allah for giving me courage to continue my life, and giving me chance and strength to fall in love again.. To Miss SAB, I always pray for your happiness. You deserved it. A lot of things I need to say, but it doesn't matters now. I will accept this is my fate and Allah knows better whats best for you and me. Take care ok..

And for the most important person in my life rite now, Miss NK a.k.a. sayang a.k.a. sweetheart a.k.a. Dear Tercinte. (alamak dah expose all your nickname, sorry ye dear.) I've taken risk to fall in love with you. I know its me who started it and I know I may end up hurting myself as well as your heart. Thanks for accepting me and giving me chance to love you. Sayang, I will love u with all my heart. Whatever it takes, I will try to make your life happy. Whenever I hurt u, plis tell me ok. Remember this, in our relationship abg maybe termarah, terkasar bahasa atau mengongkong hidup sayang. But I will ONLY do that if I have to because I LOVE U SO MUCH DEAR. But no worries, I'm not that cruel to stop u from doing things that makes u happy dear. Semoga hubungan kita ni dipermudahkan dan diberkati olehNya. AMIN.

Ok. Better stop dulu. Reader yang dah mengantuk tu sila bangun g cuci muka ok. Hahaha.. Hopefully my next post is more interesting to read and not too soft like my 1st 2 posts. Salam.


  1. i know who is NK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    syg,swetheart,dear terchenta & so on (ah!! geli2 dego)...ape pun...WELCOME to the blogger world mr.sweet(kenape mr.sweet sile tnye buah hati pengarang jantung intan payung coco jelly pink anda) sekian...

    1. Alamak! Segan sehh.. Malu2. Merah mate coklatku.. :P

  2. N i know who is NK okay ! Jiwang ek ek ek ? HakHak :P
    abg tertinggal lagi nickname NK tuh tau. A N I kan kan kan ?